graduate work

i'm pursuing a ph.d. in literature at duke university. my work focuses on discourses of natural disaster and environmental change. drawing from marxist cultural studies, critical geography, and science studies, my work considers how representations of human and nonhuman environments condition affective and political responses to contemporary environmental decline -- global climate change as well as local pollution, contamination, etc.


i'm also an essayist and journalist. in 2016, i covered environmental issues for the huffington post (author bio here). i reported extensively on air and water pollution, renewable energy, climate policy, and food waste. my reporting on food waste was featured on nbc's today show, where i appeared in august, 2016. my other non-fiction writing covers topics from environmental justice to middle eastern politics, and has been published in the new york times, vice, huffpost, jewish currents, medium, the nation, fragments literary magazineand newspapers in the u.s. and abroad. 


from 2014-2015, i worked at the international centre for climate change and development in dhaka, bangladesh. i was supported by a hart fellowship from duke university and worked on projects documenting climate change adaptation efforts. my research has been published in the journal nature climate change. i also co-authored an article on community-based adaptation forthcoming in the journal climate and development